This website is all about web designing and web design business. This website is different from many other websites on web design that you will find on the Internet. Most websites dedicated to web designing talk about actual designs, forms, buttons, menus, and art. On this website, you will find this, too, but you will also find articles on beautiful websites in specific niches with a lot of competition such as casinos and entertainment.

You will find articles on the business side of the web design business too. You will learn more of the fact that all marketing, selling, and branding is situational.

Because of this, there is no such thing as one perfect website for everything and everyone. There are different types of sites. There are lead generation sites, business card sites, selling websites, information and support sites and many others.

This website discusses different types of sites and will offer you tips on how to choose the right kind of website for your clients. Business is not just about art and creativity. It is also about functionality, effectiveness, and profit.

If you want to build a successful web design business, you need to tie all these things together, both for yourself and your clients. You need to decide if you are fine creating mass-market websites and charging reasonable prices for them or if you want to be on the high-end of the luxury market and work on extremely complex sophisticated projects.

The same applies to your clients. A client may want a beautiful website, but the organisation may not have a budget for it. It is also possible that it doesn’t need a complex, beautiful or elaborate website and a simple site with a few pages would do just fine.